Literature / travel / photography / theatre / music

L’ÉTAT DES CHOSES is a structure created by Julien Allouf wanting to mix his actor and photographer experiences. After his studies at CNSAD and collaborations with different stage directors: G. B. Corsetti, Y. J. Collin, L. Lagarde, I. Shaked, F. Barbet, T. Jolivet... he creates the company L’IMPOSSIBLE with Clément Bondu and works on different projects about wandering and travel in different kinds of performance mixing theatre and music; 2 creations were born out of that company: ACTE ZÉRO and DESERTION (Jour 0) played at La comédie de Reims - CDN, in the Theatre de la cité internationale, in the Theatre Paul Scarron - Le Mans, at l’Entracte - conventioned scene of Sablé-sur-Sarthe, and at the Festival d’Avignon.

In August 2014, willing to go deeper with his research, he decides to go on a 4 months trip on the trail of the novel «Les détectives sauvages» by Roberto Bolño a Nikkormat camera in the hand, and goes deep in an identification process with the main character of the book: Walking in his footsteps from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez (Us Border city) to picture his journey. Coming back, he runs into Bernard Plossu, who takes him under his wing and gives rise to the project MEXICO/On the trail of the «détectives sauvages»... that the exhibition will take place at the French Institute of Latin America in Mexico from 14th september 2017. In the mean time he works on the project EUROPIA/Burst landscape of an uncertain Europe following 4 years of photography across the 28 european capitals, exhibited, in collaboration with the set designer James Brandily during the festival Reims scène d’Europe 2018.